Reserve your Iowa State Fair Parking

Reserved State Fair Parking at Sleepy Hollow Sports ParkReserve your Iowa State Fair parking today! All reserved parking spaces include use of our shuttle to and from the state fairgrounds. Parking lot opens daily at 7:00am. Shuttle runs every 15 minutes from 7:30am to Midnight.

State Fair Parking Dates:

Thursday August 10, 7am – Midnight
Friday August 11, 7am – Midnight
Saturday August 12, 7am – Midnight
Sunday August 13, 7am – Midnight
Monday August 14, 7am – Midnight
Tuesday August 15, 7am – Midnight
Wednesday August 16, 7am – Midnight
Thursday August 17, 7am – Midnight
Friday August 18, 7am – Midnight
Saturday August 19, 7am – Midnight
Sunday August 20, 7am – Midnight

**If the ticket cart is having trouble loading on your device try using this direct link**