The Renaissance Faire at Sleepy Hollow


Renaissance Faire at Sleepy HollowThere’s a certain magic in the Renaissance Faire. Our festival is no exception. We have brought the old world to life again with a bewitching mix of fantasy and history: Welcome to a world where adults and children alike can become a knight or lady-in-waiting, a pirate or fairy, or simply remain an entertained observer. Step through the gates of our 18-acre park and be transported to an era when royalty rule, knights joust, and the arts come alive!

The adventure begins Labor Day weekend and continues through the following two weekends, with a different theme each weekend:

  • September 3–5, 2016—Knights & Royals Weekend
  • September 10–11, 2016—Highlanders & Lucky Lasses Weekend
  • September 17–18, 2016—Pirates & Wenches Weekend

More information on the event available at the website.

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