Advanced Mission Laser Tag

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Laser Tag at Sleepy Hollow Sports ParkTickets go on sale May 1st. Quantities are EXTREMELY limited.

This summer Sleepy Hollow is adding extensive mission-based tactical laser tag. It’s a real-life video game! Play laser tag with the most advanced equipment around, in a fully tactical and immersive outdoor game. All games are played in Festival Park, where guests will have free roam of the village and buildings. Play lasts 60-90 minutes depending on the game. A winning team or individual will be announced at the end of each game.

Dates & Game Information

June 7th – Team Battle
Objective: Red team versus blue team. Kill members of the opposing team to earn points. The team with the highest amount of kills at the end of the game wins.
Game length: 60 Minutes

June 14th – Free for All
Objective: Kill other players while trying to stay alive. Players can compare their hits, kills, deaths, and streaks once the game ends.
Game length: 60 Minutes

June 21st -King of the Hill
Objective: Gain the most points for your team by standing in front of a “King of the Hill” point emitter, while picking off opposing team members trying to do the same.
Game length: 60 Minutes

June 28th – VIP
Objective – Knock out the opposing team’s VIP, while protecting your own.
Game length: – 90 minutes

July 5th – Domination
Objective: Dominate the play field by taking control of as many utility boxes as possible, while protecting domination points from the opposing team.
Game Length: 60 minutes

July 12th – Infection
Objective: Fight off infected players to avoid becoming infected yourself.
Game Length: 90 minutes, or until all players are infected.

July 19th – Capture the Flag
Objective: Return the opposing team’s flag to your base, while defending your own flag from being captured.
Game length: 60 Minutes or until one team captures and returns the opposing team’s flag.

July 26th – Gun Game
Objective: Move up in weapons for every kill you make, and back a weapon every time you die. Win the game by making a kill with the final gun.
Game length: 90 minutes, or until one player makes final kill.


If you are having trouble try visiting the ticketing page directly.